Flaming fortune video slot

Flaming Fortune Video Slot

It depends on you that what game you like to play in a casino, whether on slots or on tables. Every category of gambling in a casino has its own style and fun to play. If you people play on table, it has its own fun. Here you will have to deal one on one with the table dealer. On the other side, if you move to slot games, you can play it in your style and anytime & with personal freedom. A slot game allows you to win in many different ways & gives you a different way of gambling. If you are a slot gaming lover, Flaming Fortune video slot is what you would enjoy.

Actually, this amazing game is based on the dangerous & exciting lives of the brave fire fighters. The symbols used in the flaming fortune video slot game as the axe, the water pipe, the siren, the ladder, the fire fighting truck, firemen, & the fire as well tells us the tale of those fire fighting tools & the firemen & the risk as well they take on to adjourn the fire. In this game, special effects and amazing graphics take your level of thrill beyond the limit & give you great feel.

In this video slot, you have a great chance to win up to 10,000 coins. Though the jackpot in this game isn’t huge, but several other features as the scatter symbol, the wild symbol & the bonus games structure for this & let you win huge amount. In few games practice mode is available but unfortunately this video slot game lacks in practice mode. Therefore, it is important to bet real money if you want to play.

Scatter symbol: the scatter symbol is the fireman. It clearly means that if 3 or additional scatter signs emerge anywhere in the 5 reels, then it accomplishes the winning arrangement.

Wild Symbol: it signifies that this sign can alternate other signs to accomplish the winning arrangement. But, they don’t alternate the scatter symbol & the bonus.

Bonus Symbol: the symbol of bonus is the Flaming fortune. It stands for that 3 or additional flaming fortune signs have to emerge in an enabled pay-line to initiate the Put Out a fire game.

Bonus Game: the fire bonus game Put Out activates when 3 or additional flaming fortune marks come out in an enabled pay-line. In this bonus game, a player gets a chance to extinguish a fire as of the provided 5 fires. Upon extinguishing the flames a random sum is exposed & rewarded to the player.

Actually, these video slot games are to entertain those who do not want to get addicted to the gambling but also want to earn some instant bucks. One important thing you should keep in mind that play gambling for entertainment. So, why you are still here, go and play flaming fortune video slot & have fun with friends’ n family & play it like you are a champion. Have fun!