Articles about the Lucky Money Video Slot

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Lucky Money with oriental background (china), a very classic, thick with ancient Chinese culture first. In the game there is a picture or a symbol character in this game is very diverse including, dragons, chickens, tigers, snakes, all have unique characteristics, and its own meaning.

- The dragon has a very strong force, reportedly said the Chinese people, he is wild, he was also a wild symbol, if you play this game and get a lot of dragon then you can get many coins can be reached 50,000 coins.

- Tiger has unique characteristics; they offer very valuable offers Slot Machine in the game, including the Snake is venomous, two-for offer a very high payment!

- The Chicken, chicken means an unexpected fortune, the chicken will give you a bonus on your game, the usual value, but maybe that was enough than not get it at all.

- Letter Symbols, the symbol means a news letter, I hope encouraging news, you are right! If you get a symbol or letter mail images, you will get a bonus on one roll of multiples ranging from coil 2, coil 3, the roll 4, if you do not get a letter or envelop, you still have a chance to get it, there may be dozens of letters waiting you, and even there are also dozens of bonuses and surprises are ready to surprise you!

-Symbols Pig, pig pictures scattered everywhere, the pigs for the china is from the god of prosperity, fertility, which means in this game is a pig can produce combinations that are spread in each coil, Pigs can be found on the existing maximum of 5 reels, for successful combination Pig then you must combine any number of pig that you meet so that you can win, but remember the Symbols Dragons or the Wild, is not able to complete the combination of symbols or images Pigs are scattered, so it must be paired with Pig Pig, can not be combined with others including the Dragon .

Tips in play:

- Players will be paid well if done right combination and appropriate.

- The payment is displayed in the form of coins.

- The amount of money that could be taken depending on the value of coins that you earn, and converted into the form of previous credit.

- If you get a wild symbol, the symbol can replace the usual symbol, and you will be very wild in the play, it's very good!

- If you get a dragon symbol, which means wild, the wild symbol can be used to complete the combination or combinations that make you win.

- If you spread the victory, then you win.

Lastly, about payments, all types of payment of the amount of coins earned from any combination of the existing. Total numbers of coins are paid depending on the size of the total value of bets.